About us

Golf is an exciting and well organized sport which can offer Tournaments, weekly pick-up games, weekly members night, and corporate outings. Unfortunately, the private club member represents the select few who are able to take advantage of these opportunities. The public player represents about eighty-five percent of all golfers whose play is limited to arranged games amongst a small circle of friends, and competition play is a rare opportunity. Regular competition play enables players with varying golf skills to expand their golf activities and test the extent of their skills amongst other avid golfers like themselves. Regular Tournaments will provide a number of players with varying golf skills to play with, plus possibly broaden the agenda of courses played. The goal of a Tour should be to provide an atmosphere which allows the golfer to play as competitively or as relaxed as he/she chooses. Meeting new players will provide more golf partners for pick-up games and possible business contacts. The public player seeks all of this without the high expense of joining a private golf club. The Mulligan Tour realizing there is a need for organized public golf and was founded in 1996 to address these needs.

The Mulligan Tour is an organization founded to address the needs of the

competitive Public golfer.

The Mulligan Tour offers Tournament dates from each "Chapter" with formats ranging from Singles events to team events with a mid season 2 Day Major and a end of year Chapter final. A 2 Day "National Tour Championships" is held in Niagara Falls at different top rated courses every year. The Mulligan Tour has partnered with in 2005 to handle all handicapping and Tour stats. In addition to the sponsors listed on our main page the Mulligan Tour has affiliate relationships with golf courses to assist in the delivery of this program. These courses are known as host courses. Weekly skins games, Qualifying rounds, pick up games and golf day excursions will also be offered.

All our Tournaments will have 3 leader boards throughout the course with one in the clubhouse. Cash and/or prizes will be awarded for longest drives, closest to pin on every par 3. $10-$20 from each entry fee goes towards events Cash Pot paid out to a minimum of the top 3 finishers. Members have the ability to play at other "Chapters" with same membership privileges should they choose. Alternate chapters can also be found on the Mulligan Tour website

The year end "Tour Championship", Low gross and the "Points leader Board" year end winners will also be rewarded. We will also offer a "Battle of the Tour Ryder Cup" between all our "Chapters" and other local golf Tours in the area. The teams will be decided by the top 12 players from each "Chapters" points leaderboard.

During the Winter season we offer our members at least two 4 round golf tournaments with additional golf rounds and excursions. The first being the "Myrtle Beach Open" which runs the 3rd week of November for one week at some of Myrtle Beaches top courses with players invited from all our Tour Chapters across North America. The second being our "Caribbean Open" which is held at some of the Caribbean's Top resorts and golf courses. Both events are open to our members and their families to enjoy!

We look forward to seeing you come out and play on tour!